Company information

Gudbrandsdal Energi Nett AS (GE Nett) is a company in Gudbrandsdal Energi Group. 

GE Nett is 100% owned by Gudbrandsdal Energi Holding AS. The company's purpose is to build, own and operate facilities for the distribution of electrical energy and facilities for broadband.

Company name   Gudbrandsdal Energi Nett AS
Adress   Strandgata 39, 2640 Vinstra
Visiting adress headquarter   Strandgata 39, 2640 Vinstra
Visiting adress branch office   Kongsvegen 284, 2636 Øyer
Telephone    +47 61294666 
Telefax    +47 61294601 
Power outtages (outside opening hours)   +47 61294699
Opening hours   07:30 - 15:15
Business registration   NO 916 319 908 MVA
CEO   Per Oluf Solbraa
Payment details    
Account nr.    1503 94 78908
IBAN    NO 76 1503 94 78908
Grid area    The owner municipalities as well as the Sjoa area in Sel municipality